Hi, my name is Carl Stanton, Jr. and I’m an entrepreneur in Washington, DC.

Since 2012 I started my first marketing company called S.P. Marketing Group in order to bring direct response marketing strategies to the now $200 billion network marketing industry.

As time went by I developed a love for financial education and investing.

As I watched the financial collapse of 2008 it came very clear to me the “rules” of money had changed and that all of us needed a better way to create financial security and opportunity in our lives.

In 2012 I founded Lead University, with one simple purpose…..To empower people of the world with the investing strategies used by the ultra-rich to prosper during these times of incredible global change.

Understanding network marketing is crucial to your success. Most people think it’s about selling or convincing people to join your team. When you have followers, people who are inspired and trust you, their will never be a problem with getting reps on your success team. At Lead University you will learn that the real money is in the relationships you form along the way. You will learn how to attract people toward you by offering quality solutions rather problems.

Branding yourself versus your company will be the best way to start your career in network marketing, think about it…. you may not be with that company forever but you will be with yourself forever.

Use this website to empower yourself and to start saving, managing and making money  http://32riches.com


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